A New Era Of Cannabis Conferences

Connecting the Cannabis Community with Agricultural Leaders

Set in Eastern Canada’s agricultural hub and partnered with leaders in the agricultural space, the Cannabis.Wiki Expo is set to forge new relationships and usher in a reinvigorated era for the cannabis & hemp expo space. Cannabis.Wiki has teamed up with Western Fair District to offer Southwestern Ontario’s Premier B2B Cannabis event, overflowing with all the right connections.

We hope to see you networking on the show floor!

You're Invited

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to Connect, Learn and Grow with us.

Something For Every One

No matter your role or involvement in the industry, the CannabisWiki Conference & Expo has something for you.

Licensed Producers

The backbone of the industry, Licensed Producers use tried and true agricultural techniques and technologies to cultivate quality crops for harvest.

By attending Licensed producers have an opportunity to discover new trends and technologies in cultivation, as well as educate Budtenders on new offerings

Processors & Suppliers

Are the next step in the cannabis supply chain, and play an integral role in the industry. Further processing cannabis to its final state for retail, and supplying licensed producers, retailers and more with equipment and supplies.

At the conference they will have the opportunity to share innovations in their fields, and network with potential new clients


The heart and soul of the cannabis industry. One products are processed and packaged. Budtenders, share their knowledge and expertise to guide consumers to the hottest products on the market.

At the Conference Budtenders will be able to learn about new products and developments in the Cannabis market, as well as explore opportunities for career growth.

Virtual or In-Person

No Matter Your Preference For Attending, We Got You Covered!

Through the Mien Tzu platform, we offer live opportunities to be a part of this event from the comfort of your home or offices. We hope to see you in person but if you are not comfortable joining us just yet, we have you covered.

Tickets Go On Sale

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